PT. Warna Mardhika was established in 1987 and quickly known for its ready-to-wear, trendy and modern looking clothing line, HAMMER. It didn’t take long for this brand to be iconic among men and women in all ages especially those who are in the middle class economy level.

NAIL, a brand of men apparel’s targeted for upscale men, was introduced to public eight years after HAMMER. Both have reached their success in Indonesia’s fashion retail.

Year 2007, PT. Warna Mardhika launched COCONUT ISLAND. A brand, who claimed itself a t-shirt specialist, adapts Brazilian culture and contemporary art – pop and quickly steals public’s attention.

Only a year after that, they launched a new line of casual yet up-to-date t-shirt under MANGOSTEEN brand. And has a trademark logo, “MGSTN!”

And last but certainly not least, in 2009, PT. Warna Mardhika presents COCONUT ISLAND KIDS that is also inspired by Brazilian culture. This brand is subjected in creating the latest trend on children’s t-shirts.